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Street Style Clothing

Another combination of street style clothing with t-shirt is about long pant. Jeans and denim pants are the best choice in this case. The simplest street style clothing is about the t-shirt and the pant only. But you can evolve it by wearing vest or blazer over your t-shirt and your appearance with your street style t-shirt will look so cool and trendy. Just like the second paragraph, this combination is also suitable with the sneaker, loafers, and flat shoes.

Last of street style clothing with t-shirt ideas is wearing it with skirts, either short skirt or mini skirt. Mini skirt is the best combination of street style clothing with t-shirt for girls because they can appear trendily but still sexy. But if you are not too brave to wear your mini skirt, short skirt that the length is reaches your knees are good choice too.

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